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How to Control Oily Skin

How to Control Oily Skin

Posted by Samantha H. on Dec 12th 2018

Oily skin gets a bad reputation but too much can clog pores and cause acne. However if you have a balanced skin regime you can find the perfect balance between oily and your skin's natural moisture level.

Wash Your Face

wash your face

 This may seem like a no-brainer but simply by washing your face every morning, afternoon and before you go to bed can reduce oil. Make sure you're using a soap free of dyes & chemicals. Our Gaiana Nutritive Soap is the perfect everyday soap for washing your face.


clear facial polish

 Exfoliation is an important process in every skin routine but overdoing it can make your skin worse. Exfoliating weekly can help get rid of dead skin, dirt and leftover makeup that washing your face cannot take off. Our Acne Clear Facial Polish is perfect for exfoliating your skin without drying out skin or damaging it. 


moisturize your skin


Moisturizing your face everyday should be an important part in your daily skin routine. Using a moisturizer will also help to keep oil production under control, our Nutritive Facial Lotion is filled with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants perfect for balancing your skins natural moisture level. 


use sunscreen

Using SPF when you go outside is very important to prevent sunspots, wrinkles, even skin cancers. When choosing a sunscreen make sure to use only ones free of fragrances and or oils. 

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