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The Products That Saved My Skin

Posted by Samantha H. on

Clear Vinegar Face Wash

I've been experiencing clogged skin for years along with stubborn acne which led me to try many different products to try to solve it but everything I tried would either make it worse or just dry out my skin. My go to product for clogged skin & overall healthy skin is the Clear Vinegar Face Wash.

My skin would get very oily in the T-zone area but I would still get nonspecific dry patchy spots around my cheeks which never seemed to go away even with all the best moisturizers. 

clear facial day cream

The best solution for my combination skin was to use the Clear Facial Day Cream every morning and right before I went to bed. I would apply this to the dry spots on my face and after I would wash my face or shower. Within the first couples days of doing this routine my dry patches started to fade away.

Clear Facial Polish

Developing this routine was the key step to clear skin, my skin started to get not only clear up but it felt smooth and the redness from my acne also started to fade. I also decided to incorporate an exfoliator in my routine, this would help to eliminate any left over bacteria, dirt & makeup left on my skin. My choice of exfoliator is the Acne Clear Facial Polish. With ingredients like Rose-hip oil & Aloe Vera this polish not only helped to remove dirt on my skin but it also help to brighten my skin and hydrate it.

Body Nutritive Serum

The last thing I was really craving in my skin routine was a serum to give my skin that hydrated, dewy look. After researching products I choose to try the Body Nutritive Serum. I was hesitate to try this serum for my face as it is usually seen as a tanning product but looking into the ingredients I realized it had the potential to be an amazing face serum. Within the first week of incorporating this product in my routine i started to notice the difference I was looking for. My skin was softer than ever and glowing!

My routine recap:

Every morning I will wash my face with the Clear Vinegar Face Wash to help with any oil and dirt on my face

Next I moisturize my face with the Clear Facial Day Cream this helps with the dry patches I have on my cheeks

I recite this routine every night before I go to bed

Weekly I will use the Acne Clear Facial Polish to help catch any dirt my face wash didn't remove

Then to top it off I will apply my Body Nutritive Serum once a day to give my skin a dewy glowing look!

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