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Hair Thinning Advice From a Hairstylist

Hair Thinning Advice From a Hairstylist

Posted by Valeria S. on Dec 28th 2018

During my last visit to the hair salon, my stylist noticed that I have thinner hair on the top area of my head compared to the rest. He gave me some general advice to follow when it comes to thinning, which I decided to share here. I want you to keep in mind that hair thinning is natural as we age, however with the proper care of the scalp and the hair you can diminish these changes.

Brush your scalp.

I know, I was surprised too when I heard this one. To brush what? Like, I don’t even brush my hair (I have curly hair) do I even own a brush?... and my hairstylist said “Yes dear, you have to brush your scalp. The scalp is like a muscle, it needs to be stimulated.” After doing some research I found out that no, the scalp isn’t a muscle but it is made up of a sheet dense fibrous tissue called the Galea Aponeurotica. This tissue is attached to muscles on the sides and front of the head. It is not very often stimulated and since it acts more like a tendon, it is difficult to get stimulate naturally.

Another reason you should brush your scalp is to remove dead skin cells. The build-up of dead skin can cause thinning. According to him and his assistant, brushing is the most organic way to expose new skin on the scalp and get rid of little flakes that can look like dandruff and cause itching.

brush your hair

Brush your hair.

Okay, so this is very difficult for me to do. I can’t just brush my curly hair; I will end up looking like a lioness. But it makes sense, at least that’s what I thought when I was in mid conversation with my stylist. Without your help, the oils that your scalp produces will stay on the top of your head. Brushing down the oils is the only way that they can be distributed and moisturizes the length of your hair and keep it from getting dry and thin.

brush hair

Use Rosemary Oil.

He swears by it, as it is another way to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Rosemary is also very effective at killing any bacteria or fungus that can be on the scalp and prevent your hair from growing in its best health. In my research, I found that Rosemary is just as effective in helping hair loss as Minoxidil, which is the ingredient used in Rogaine for hair loss. Rosemary is much healthier as it is natural, and also safer.


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