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Bald Spot Cream

Bald Spot Cream

Posted by JustNutritive Team on Aug 16th 2019


Ever since I was little, I have had trichotillomania( which is when you pull out your hair when your stressed or bored) and I stopped around when I was 6 or 7 and it was never really bad but last year when I was 14 I started to pull it out again... I couldn't never stop myself.. It got really bad to where I had two scalp spots on my head one in the center and one near my part.. I'm now 15 and still try to make sure I don't pull out any more hair.. I started using this product about 5 days ago! This is the best product I could ask for! I already have new hair growing in one of my scalp spots! I'm super excited to continue using this product! I am now more confident to wear my hair down or anyway I want it!!

Laura B

Ever since I was little I had a disorder to pull out my hair when I get bored or stressed, I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and I can already see hair coming in! And not only is it coming in but it's about a inch long now! I love this product so much' and definitely will continue to buy! If you have any scalp spots this is the product you need! It really works and built my self confidence up about my hair!

Hannah B

I think the scalp spot that I had on both sides of my head is filling in, which I am truly grateful. I guess miracles still do happen, and I call all of your products a miracle in a bottle. Now I have one inch of new growth and the scalp spot is growing in very nicely.

Sivaniha C Scarborough ON CA

I am using this scalp spot cream to grow my hair in this one "scalp" spot I have. My hair is very thick but I noticed one small section by my edges that's is empty of hair. I think it's because I've been putting a lot gel in my hair and leaving it. I use it for my scalp along with the vinegar rinse and I get a bit of new growth every two weeks. Use it once or twice a week and I see results. It takes time tho, but that's only natural. Also I am using the herbal gel to keep the scalp healthy so hair can grow better.

Kerri M Boerne TX

I have been using the cream for scalp spots for several weeks every other day, my spot seems less now. I’m hoping that if i keep using the product that my scalp spot will continue to regrow more hair in the end. I have my hopes up that it will make my hair and scalp healthy again. So far so good.

Betty D Shelbyville TN

I have seen a difference in my hair that thinned due to medications and I must say this is the only product that has allowed me to see a visible change and I love that it is all-natural product. I was not looking for a miracle, but I definitely seen results within 4 weeks.

Christine N Colorado Springs CO

This product worked for me. I had extreme thinning and sparse hair on the top of my head for about two years. No other product including Rogaine worked so I started wearing wigs. I used this product in conjunction with the Women’s Hair Treatment, Hair Therapy Shampoo and Vinegar Rinse. Within 3 months my hair has filled in and my hairless spots is no longer visible! I actually am almost to the point where I may not need wigs any longer. I was so satisfied that I ordered several products. Based on my results, I'm a believer and will use nothing else.

Monique G Derby NY

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