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Posted by Valeria Solano on Oct 10th 2016

Stay In the moment. Instead of thinking ahead of time, about all of the things you need to do later or tomorrow. Try to remind yourself that the present moment is where you should be. Instead o … read more

Fall Beauty Tips

Posted by Helga M. on Oct 4th 2016

Fall is a time of transition, the time to address any summer damage that your skin and hair went through and to prepare for the winter. - Diet and hydration are key - Diets high in essenti … read more

Conditioner Guide

Posted by Crystal Diaz on Oct 2nd 2016

Conditioner replaces the vital oils that are lost from shampoo, and assists in making the hair soft, manageable and beautiful. However, it does not take a long time for build-up and residue to se … read more

New Tanning Tools!

Posted by Valeria Solano on Sep 9th 2016

   Seeing how healthy and enjoyable it is to tan, many people all over the world see the warmth of our skin as a sign of health. It has become a trend t … read more
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