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5 Steps for growing a great beard

5 Steps for growing a great beard

Dec 3rd 2018

Want a beard? Not sure you can grow one? Well if you want a great looking beard it will take time and most of all patience. There will be times where you will not enjoy the process. If you follow these 5 steps you can have an awesome looking beard you desire.

Here is how to grow the beard you want in 5 steps.

beard growing

beard washing

1- You must give your beard time. Every month a typical beard will grow half an inch. This can change based on genetics. Some parts of your beard will look full while other parts will look patchy. Remember this is the beginning, a typical beard takes 1 full year to fill out. If you want a great beard it will take time.

2- Your beard needs to grow for 3-4 months without being trimmed. Once your beard looks unbalanced either go to your local barber or trim it yourself. envision hedges surrounding your house. They must be full before they can be trimmed into shapes.

3- Trim your neckline. For some men this can grow out of control and look messy. Make sure to shave this to keep your beard looking presentable. Shave any growth below your Adam's apple.

4- Wash your beard every week with water and every 2-3 days cleanse it with a natural beard shampoo. Be careful not to clean your beard to often, this can result in a fragile dry looking and feeling beard.

5- To keep your beard healthy, strong, and soft you will need to apply a daily natural beard oil. Find one that does not contain any fragrances or chemical ingredients.

beard oil

If you follow these 5 steps you will hopefully achieve the beard you desire. Just remember growing a beard takes time and patience!

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