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Posted by Valeria Solano on Oct 10th 2016

  1. Stay In the moment.
  2. Instead of thinking ahead of time, about all of the things you need to do later or tomorrow. Try to remind yourself that the present moment is where you should be. Instead of reminiscing on the past for a while, remember to look around you and deal with what is happening in the moment. You will never feel like you have lost a minute of your day, if you stay connected to your present situation.

  3. Appreciation is key.
  4. Stay curious about your surroundings. When you lose curiosity, you loose your capacity to appreciate even the simplest things that happen in your life, and you start forgetting to stay in and learn the present moment.
  5. Stay Inspired.
  6. If you find yourself bored and lost in a cycle. Go out for a walk, drive down a different road. Find the beauty in the objects and people around you. Learn something new, find new music to listen to. Eat something different or new to your taste buds. Do not stand in your own way to expand your mind.
  7. Breathe.
  8. Pay attention to how you are breathing. Are you taking deep or shallow breaths? Your body needs to deliver oxygen to every single cell. When there is not enough oxygen, you can be in a constant state of stress and you might not notice this. But once you take a few deep breaths, it is easy to feel the change. A clearer mind, slower heart beat and even better vision.
  9. Be honest.
  10. With yourself and others. Speak with honesty and listen to your true self. This is important for cultivating self-awareness and strong relationships. Acknowledge the way you really feel about things. In society, we are very used to hiding our feelings instead of expressing them, this causes many problems. Those repressed feelings tend to stay in your body in the form of stress, and you can become unaware of them with time.
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