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10 Tips For Smooth Legs

Posted by Valeria S. on Oct 21st 2016

These are simply some overlooked reasons why your skin may not be as healthy as you want it to be. With our crazy daily schedules and busy personal lives, it is hard to think about the simple things that can make a difference in your skin. Don’t worry though, with a little more care and awareness you can achieve beautiful results!

1. Moisturizing Before Shaving.

Many people don’t know this, but it is very important to moisturize before you even get in the shower. Unfortunately, most of the water that we use to shower is full of harsh chemicals that are meant to purify it. This may be doing more damage to your skin than you think. I like to use an oil like our Body Nutritive Serum.

2. Exfoliating Your Skin.
Skip the loofah on the days that you are shaving. Instead, try exfoliating at least a day before. While a lot of people claim that exfoliating before shaving is best, this is not the case for people with sensitive skin. Scrubbing and shaving may be too much in one day.

3. Tight Clothing.
I find this specially irritating when I shave and then decide to wear my favorite skinny jeans, I always regret it. The friction between your clothes and your skin can create rashes and ingrown hair.

4. Cleaning your skin properly.
Use a gentle soap before shaving. My favorite is our Skin Calming Body Wash, the smell is to die for! If you have sensitive skin, use your hands to lather your legs. Make sure that your skin is properly cleaned before you run the razor over it. No matter how much shaving cream you use, the razor is still shaving your first layer of cells along with all the dirt that sticks to your lotion, leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria.

5. Changing Your Razor or Razor Blades Often.
Normally after a few uses, our razors become dull, dirty and loose their ability to glide smoothly over the skin. This can create little cuts that become irritated from the bacteria accumulated in our razor. Ouch!

6. Breathing Properly.
According to Chinese Medicine and other alternative medicine methods, our skin is a direct representation of how your lungs are functioning. Try practicing conscious breathing for a few minutes every day, even before you fall asleep, and your body will start picking up on your new patterns of breathing.

7. Drinking Water.
I know this is the culprit to most of our problems, but it is true. What you don’t know is that the secret to drinking more water is not by chugging it, but by constantly sipping it throughout the day. A good way to inspire yourself to drink more water is by having it visible near you, maybe in that awesome glass water bottle that you’ve wanted to get?

8. Sunlight.
Your skin NEEDS sunlight in order to regenerate itself. Warmth in general can help open up your pores to allow your skin to breathe, but sunlight helps dry the top layer of dead skin cells in order exfoliate.

9. Wrong Products, or Too Many Products.
Stick to a few, gentle and natural products in your daily routine. If you start noticing that some products are not working as effectively as they did, try something new. Your skin will get used to most products, and start becoming immune to it. On the contrary, using too many products at once can be confusing for your skin.

10. Stretching and Exercising Regularly.
This is the most overlooked reason for unhealthy skin. Think about it, exercise regulates your body in every way. It helps blood circulation, which is needed for your skin to heal. It helps regulate your breathing, and promote better water and food absorption for your body. This all contributes to your overall health and look.

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