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 How to Improve Dry Skin

How to Improve Dry Skin

Posted by Samantha H. on Dec 5th 2018

dry skin

Dry skin is usually caused from a lack of moisture in your skin. However this can be easily avoided by taking a few precautions in your everyday skin routine. In this post you will learn what to avoid when trying to reclaim your skin's moisture and what products & natural remedies you can benefit from. 


eliminate bad habits

Eliminating bad habits in your everyday routine can help your skin's moisture levels immensely, these simple steps can help regain your skin's moisture.

* Check the temperature of your shower water and minimize your time, taking showers that are too hot can worsen your dry skin and cause damage.

* Fragrance free soaps, soaps with perfume and fragrances used on your face can dry out your skin. Our Gaiana Nutritive Soap is free of harmful fragrances and dyes which makes it the most ideal for dry skin. 

* Avoid using laundry detergent with strong fragrances, using detergents with strong fragrances can irritate skin and break out skin. 


create a hydrating skin routine

Creating a hydrating skin routine is ideal for recovering moisture to your skin. Finding a quality everyday moisturizer is essential to every skin care routine. A form of SPF should be used in your skin routine, as skin can dry out due to harmful AVA and AVB rays. Adding a spf along with a hydrating face cream such as our Nutritive Facial Cream can help your skin regain moisture quickly. 

Foods That Heal Dry Skin



What you feed your body plays a huge role in your skin's hydration. Being just a little more mindful when eating can go a long way. Here are some foods that you can incorporate in your diet to see better results in your skin.

* Avocado - It's not secret that avocado has been the newest food fab, but it's known for it's healthy benefits. Avocado carries healthy fats and oils that are essential for your skin moisture. 

Cucumber - This vegetable has been used for centuries for it's moisturizing properties, as it carries Vitamin E. Try adding sliced cucumber to your water or even using it in your next face mask.

Sweet Potato - This tasty food carries Vitamin A which can help with renewing your skin and decreasing flakiness. It also is known for giving your skin a healthy glow. 

Salmon - This fish is known for reducing inflammation because of it's Omega-3 Fats, these fats can also help to reduce redness and strengthen your skin cells. 

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