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FAQ Rewards Program

How are my points applied to my order?

Please go to this link My Rewards to redeem your points. Select the rewards that you want to redeem. You will click on the redeem button, and then you will be provided with a code you need to copy. You will also be receiving this code on your email. Once the code has been copied go back to your shopping cart and apply the code on the coupon box.

What if I'm switching to a new email address?

If you change your email address, be sure to change it by login into your existing JustNutritive account

What happens if my birthday is the next day after I sign up?

Unfortunately, you won't get your 1000 points :( You would have to wait 1 year and then your points will be automatically added! If you have any questions give us a call 1-800-936-2119 Don't do phone calls? EMAIL US HERE

I followed Just Nutritive on Facebook and Instagram but I did not receive my points?

Following us directly from a social network will not trigger a points award. If you did not receive credit then we recommend unfollowing us from the social network and refollowing us via the links on You need to go to this link Ways to earn points Click on the points you want to earn (Facebook and/or Instagram) and follow the instructions.

Do points expire?

The points expire after 6 months without making purchases or without using your points.

Do rewards coupons expire?

The discount coupons you recieve with the reward points, expire one month after you get it.

How do I track my loyalty points?

You can track your loyalty points at any time by logging into your account and navigating to “My Rewards” in the bottom left-hand corner.  This will also allow you to redeem points and see account activity. Or also you can go to this link Rewards program.

How do I start earning Just Nutritive Rewards points?

In order to start earning points as part of our loyalty program, you need to create an account with us. Click on the bottom left logo (My Rewards) and click on Sign up. If you already have an account then you can simply log in and you are now on your way to earning points and rewards. Or also you can go to this link Rewards program.

What happens if I make an order and I don't receive my points?

If you made an order and you don't see the points credited you can call us at 1-800-936-2119. Don't do phone calls? EMAIL US HERE

I don't want to be in Just Nutritive's rewards program. How do I get out?

Sure, you can definitely get out. You can call us at 1-800-936-2119 and we will help you. If you miss us, you can always join again!

Why can't I use my rewards coupon?

In order to you to be able to use the rewards coupon, your order has to be over $50 usd.

Where do I go to see the rewards I can use? Or the rewards I have so far?

Go to this link Rewards to use You will see a list of the items that you can redeem points towards to. 

I need to return a product or cancel my order, what happens to my points?

If you return or cancel an order, the points you received from that order will be decreased appropriately. Heads up: you can also lose points through fraudulent activity or anything else that violates Just Nutritive's TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Who's eligible to join your rewards program?

Just Nutritive rewards program is opened to anyone that has a valid email address and is a: Legal U.S, Canadian or Australian resident 18 years or older.

How do I join?

It's super easy! Just visit and go to the Rewards-Programs tab click on sign up and provide some quick info (Like your name, email address, and birthday) to join. 

What if I don't see my points posted in my rewards account?

Please contact our Customer Service team and they will assist you. You can call us at 1-800-936-2119. Don't do phone calls? EMAIL US HERE

What is a customer loyalty program?

A customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by Just Nutritive to customers who frequently make purchases.

Where can I see the URL that I can share with friends I want to refer?

Make sure you are signed into your account. Once done so you can click here Referral Program to get your URL

Can I use a coupon and my rewards program points together on the same order?

Unfortunately the system will only allow you to use one coupon per order.

Why can't I use my rewards coupon?

In order to you to be able to use the rewards coupon, your order has to be over $50 usd.

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program